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Saigon, or Ho Chi Minh City, is one of the most humming urban communities in South East Asia with a wide scope of amusement from recorded exhibition halls, craftsmanship display to very good quality supermalls, from nearby road nourishment slows down to extravagant restaurants, that fulfill the pickiest eater. It is an open market furnish eaters with universal cooking styles, particularly when you are searching for a French one, here is a rundown of top 10 French restaurants well known among local people and expats.

1. Le Bordeaux – Binh Thanh Area

This restaurant is situated in Van Thanh zone, which is around 20 minutes drive from the downtown area (Region 1). Opened the mid-90s, Le Bordeaux is still among Vietnamese and expats top decisions with regards to French dishes. The most arranged dishes here are duck bosom and sautéed dodging with raspberries, or the cooked rack of sheep presented with garlic cream. A three-courses dinner at Le Bordeaux can find a workable pace.

2. THE Treatment facility SAIGON – Region 1

This restaurant situated in the very heart of Saigon, with a mindful embellishment of conventional French bistro style, improving the class and cozy feel. With a transcendently French menu combined with conventionally valued wine choices, including 17 Old and new world wines, a scope of mixed drinks, this is a decent spot to go through a night or simply hang out for a beverage or a light tidbit. While the nourishment never appears to get rave audits, it gets very occupied for lunch and supper. The value go fluctuates between $40 to $200.


On the off chance that you are searching for French eating in a spending limit, L’essentiel is the opportune spot for you. At L’essentiel, its cafes are furnished with an ideal bit of harmony and calm away from the lively markets and blaring bikes of the lanes. Try not to anticipate any glimmer, however a visit to Le Jardin French Bistro makes an ideal passage with tasty suppers and the light of a valid French inflection and best French restaurant in saigon

4. LA Manor FRENCH RESTAURANT – Region 2

La Manor French Restaurant is an ideal spot for France sweethearts whoever needs to dunk into legitimate and tasty French charge. A celestial menu is divine, a trolley of imported cheddar and broad French imported wine classes have settled on this spot an astonishing decision to go through a night. Exactly when you figure it can’t beat that, you’ll find their post-feast Cuban stogies. In the event that you need to feel the French cordiality, come and find a good pace French culinary experts, who will leave his kitchen to find a workable pace and ensure they’re fulfilled.

Le Bordeaux Restaurant

5. 48 BISTRO – Region 1

Over glasses of tasty red wine, you can appreciate culinary examinations, which are shockingly modest for gourmet nourishment. All that you pay for are a flawlessly calm night with the serenity of delicate lighting and vintage plans while getting a charge out of the scrumptiously prepared suppers at an unforeseen cost. At 48 Bistro, you will be presented with high-class French and Vietnamese cooking, as the proprietor gourmet specialist is the previous culinary specialist at New World Inn, a five-star lodging in Saigon. The French bistro is the place gastronomers can appreciate scrumptious and reasonable French nourishments.

6. 3G Trois Gourmands – Area 2

3G Trois Gourmands has opened for around 15 years, and still intrigue local people and expats for its best dinners and Another setting that has been open for some time, 3G Trois Gourmands has been dazzling rich local people and expats since its opening in 2004. The restaurant is a two-story frontier manor situated in Area 2. It shocks its clients with French-ist moderate stylistic theme, while there are indoor and outside eating areas that have a lot of tables ignoring the nursery and pool. The spotlight of the menu are sheep filets, lobster with margarine sauce, and duck bosom with orange sauce, so make a point to ruin your better half.

7. Cocotte – Area 1

Cocotte is a great French bistro concealed in a rear entryway (“fix”) that is a couple of steps from Ben Thanh Market. It is recently opened in 2017 however sufficient to intrigue local people eaters and remote ones. The stylistic layout is straightforward however no less beguiling and quiet like some other restaurants. On the off chance that your French limit is acceptable, attempt to flabbergast the staff by request from the menu board with every day specials. At Cocotte, you can fill your stomach with scrumptiously prepared dinners at around $10-15 for every individual. Strongly prescribed dishes, for example, the onion soup, duck confit, saucisses in lentil sauce, and the crème brûlée.

Quite a while back, with regards to Japanese nourishment in Ho Chi Minh City, individuals just have one alternative – Little Tokyo on the edge of Region 1. In any case, things has changed. These days, Japanese cooking gets well known throughout the city, and you have more choices. The following are the main 5 best Japanese restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City that will fulfill your craving.

Top 5 best Japanese restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City

Sushi Nhi

Situated in the Japanese zone of Binh Thanh area, which is well known for foodies, Sushi Nhi is extraordinary compared to other Japanese restaurant around with its incredibly low costs, advantageous area and unobtrusive stylistic theme.

A dish of kimchi hors d’oeuvre is a perfect method to begin your flavorful nourishment visit in Sushi Nhi. You will be fulfilled at this restaurant with crisp zesty fish, unagi tempura, negi purpose or sushi. The salmon midsection sashimi, singed salmon and fish nigiri, vegetable tempura and mythical beast roll – the entirety of this is simply around 350,000 VND for two individuals with a full stomach.

Sushi Nhi additionally has vegan choices. You can call the vegetable or avocado rolls and maki and servings of mixed greens for your solid menu.


21 Nguyen Cong Tru, Ward 19, Binh Thanh Region

210 Tran Nao, Binh A Ward, Region 2

Sushi Rei

In the event that you love moderation, the structure enlivened from conventional Japanese architecture in Sushi Rei, planned by Joe Chikamori – an extremely well known Japanese architect, won’t let you down.

It is one of the most wonderful and costly Japanese restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City


It takes at least 12,000,000 VND for the private room that obliges a gathering of six individuals. However, you get what you pay for! Sushi Rei is where you can discover predominant sushi. The fish is imported straightforwardly from Tsukiji fishery showcase in Japan, and the menu is regular.

This restaurant gets 5 stars in Tripadvisor and 4.5 stars in Google audits.


10E1 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Da Kao Ward, Locale 1

Ichiba Sushi Restaurant

You can anticipate crisp quality items, a wide scope of sushi, maki, nigiri, tempura, bento boxes, unimaginably mindful staff and a decent climate in Ichiba Sushi Restaurant.

The menu offers an assortment of common Japanese dishes, from maki, sushi, nigiri, sashimi, tempura to udon or bento.

This spot is popular for greasy fish. For those who love experience, attempt the monkfish liver.

The cost is moderate. (Sushi Innovative Vessel is around 500,000 VND to 1,300,000 VND per set)


204, Le Lai, Ben Thanh Ward, Locale 1

Sorae Restaurant and Parlor

Sorae might be one of the most paramount Japanese eating involvement with Saigon. With delectable, quality nourishment served in a terrific setting, you can discover an encounter very dissimilar to whatever else that another restaurant in Saigon brings to the table.

Sorae, in Japanese, signifies “in the sky”, and it is actually what its name infers. Found Japanese and the 24th and 25th degrees of Stomach muscle Tower, this restaurant has one of the most stunning perspectives on Saigon.

Bamboo and stone table tops make the beautician of climates right now 25th-floor restaurant. Try not to miss the best sticks and sashimi in Sorae.


24th and 25th Floor, Stomach muscle Tower, 76A Le Lai, Ben Thanh Ward, Area 1

Tomidaya Ramen

In the event that you love ramen, head directly to Tomidaya. It is a standout amongst other ramen restaurants in Saigon. You can find that the flavor of Tomidaya’s ramen is near what you will get at an unblemished ramen place in Japan.

This restaurant has constrained space, so you may need to hang tight for some time!


8A/1C1 Thai Van Lung, Ben Nghe Ward, Locale 1

The rental market can be an inconceivably serious space; here’s the means by which to ensure you stand apart from the group at your next open house.

apartment bedrooms

Living with your mates in a rental property can mean a huge amount of good occasions, and the initial step – finding a spot – is simple. It very well may be done on the web, on your telephone, while sitting tight for the barista to finish your espresso request here:

In any case, the subsequent advance, verifying your new lease, is the place things can get confused – with pressed open for assessments and in any event, offering wars to fight with. Get the circumstance leveled out with these helpful hints.

Set up your administrative work

Getting yourself sorted out is a certain something, yet the test is getting your flatmates to furnish you with their administrative work. Rental properties can move at rankling speeds, so it pays to have everything arranged ahead of time.

The rundown of fundamental documentation incorporates ID, pay slips, and assuming there is any chance of this happening, the same number of sparkling references as you can summon.

Regard the reference

A positive reference from your past proprietor will go far to picking up your new landowner’s kindness. One approach to request a reference is to review it yourself, send it in an editable configuration, and ask, “Okay brain understanding this, rolling out any improvements you’d like, and marking it for me?”.

In the event that it’s your first time renting, don’t surrender – get inventive and request a reference from your boss rather, or believe requesting that a relative be your underwriter, who will be answerable for paying the rent on the off chance that you default.

Initial introductions tally

It is possible that you, or one of your housemates, ought to go to the property investigation. At the point when you do, be on schedule, and on point – dress sharp and establish a decent connection – it’s simply one more approach to enable the specialist to pick you over your rental adversaries:

It’s everything about standing out enough to be noticed, positively, without being pushy. So turn on the appeal, and who knows – you may even pull off requesting a little rebate on the rent.

Make an offer

Rental limits are sensible when you’re the just one applying, yet less when rivalry is wild.

While no one needs to be on the bleeding edge of an offering war for their next rental, the truth of the matter is, in case you’re gazing intently at hardened challenge, and are wanting to tip the scales in support of you, making an offer is a legitimate system.

An extra $5 or $10 every week over the asking cost, paying some rent ahead of time, setting up an immediate charge as well as marking a more drawn out lease in case you’re alright with that, can possibly all assistance get the arrangement over the line.

Catch up with a call

While it feels like no one calls anybody any longer, following up on your rental application is one special case to the standard. Much like after a first date, when to call the operator is easily proven wrong, however we suggest close to 48 hours:

Same as at the assessment, let the operator realize you’re sharp (without appearing to be urgent) – simply be useful – you’re calling to affirm they got your application, and to check whether they might want any more data.

This carries us to the third step, capitalizing on your new burrows – prepare for entertainment only with companions and getting a charge out of having your own place.

Renting in District 2’s capital urban areas can be a costly recommendation.

So it bodes well that you should thump a couple of dollars off your week after week rental expenses by asking your current or forthcoming landowner on the off chance that they’ll acknowledge a less expensive rate.

apartment rentals

Yet, would you say you are really ready to arrange less expensive rent?

The short answer is truly, completely you can. In the event that you put an idea forward to a realtor, they are required to take it to the proprietor for thought and a choice.

Here are the things you ought to consider before deciding.

Do your examination

In case you’re going to demand less expensive rent, you’re going to need to back it up and demonstrate that the property is worth not as much as what the landowner is inquiring.

Selling Stuart Richmond property supervisor Jo Leonardis says occupants need to look at other, comparative properties in the region.

“Market rent may recommend $780 every week, except inhabitants may have seen what’s really accessible in the market,” Leonardis says.

“So they begin doing the exploration and they will back it up and state, ‘Right, I realize the landowner needs $780, however will they consider $750 in light of the fact that I’ve seen X property not far off at $750 and it has a vehicle leave, yet this one doesn’t?'”

“They’ll be out there effectively defending why they might lease the property at a lower rate.”

Target properties that haven’t leased

On the off chance that you’ve been scanning for a rental for some time, you’ll without a doubt notice a few properties that have stayed on the rental market for an all-encompassing timeframe.

Leonardis says these properties can be acceptable focuses for less expensive rent, as the landowner will need to evade the property being empty.

“It helps work in the’s out if the property has been available for in any event a month, and will at that point become an opening,” she says.

“It happens occasionally. It doesn’t occur to the degree where there’s a $30 contrast (every week), except it may be $5 or $10, with arrangement.”

Essentially, on the off chance that you land at an open for examination and you’re the main individual there, you’re in a far more grounded position to haggle than if 50 individuals turn up and make substantial challenge.

Leonardis additionally exhorts forthcoming inhabitants with a brief period at their disposal to continue minding properties online that may have at first been simply out of their value go, as the rent may drop if an occupant can’t be found.

Rental history makes a difference

Like with any rental, you’ll be in the crate seat to arrange on the off chance that you have a flawless rental history with phenomenal references.

bedroom apartment rental

“On the off chance that the candidate looks awesome on paper and they have incredible references, at that point the landowner may state, ‘Right, we should do it at the $10 less expensive rate this year, however one year from now we’ll put up it back up for sale to the public rates’,” Leonardis says:

That is more than $500 back in your pocket, absolutely on the grounds that you’ve been a decent occupant.

“In the event that they’re a champion inhabitant, the landowner will for the most part likely assist them with excursion at first, to attempt to get them in,” she includes.

Try not to be reluctant to be intense

In certain territories it’s an extraordinary time to be in the rental market, with a lot of property accessible and landowners hence arranged to be adaptable so as to verify an occupant.

So don’t be reluctant to try things out and see what you can get. Leonardis says some forthcoming inhabitants even put down a lesser rental sum on their application, with the expectation that the proprietor will at present acknowledge it.

“Recently I’ve been seeing that occupants are turning into somewhat nervy in attempting to get the rents down. Since they know there’s a considerable amount of property out there, they want to influence the landowner by placing an application in and being saucy by making it a lower rent,” she says.

“half of the time it may work. I believe they’re turning into somewhat increasingly mindful that that is the thing that you can do to get into a property on the off chance that you truly need it, if it’s been empty for a brief period.”

In the event that you’ve been to an open for assessment for a rental property as of late, you’ll realize how serious they can be.

apartment rental Thao Dien
apartment rental Thao Dien

Great properties in extraordinary areas can draw in many candidates who are altogether urgent to get their foot in the entryway, so standing apart from the group is basic.

Operators state it’s not hard to turn into the main candidate.

Here are some key procedures to utilize when you basically need to win that prized rental.

Have a similar outlook as a landowner

What might you need to see from a planned inhabitant on the off chance that you were renting out a property? when trying to find apartment for rent in district 2

Imprint Taylor, chief of Taylors Property The executives Masters in Bondi Intersection, says it’s simply the overall inquiry you should pose before applying for, or reviewing, any rental property.

“At the end of the day, in case you’re a proprietor, what might you need a potential inhabitant to be giving you,” Taylor says.

Early introductions tally

An open for review is viably the biggest gathering meeting you’ve at any point joined in.

The specialists are evaluating you and surveying you from the minute you stroll in the entryway – all things considered, they’re the ones who’ll be showing the choices to the landowner and helping them to settle on their official choice.

So treat it precisely like you’re going for your fantasy work, Taylor says, including dressing respectably, acquainting yourself with the specialists and for the most part being obliging.

“Try not to be inconsiderate, don’t be upsetting, don’t be egotistical. Help the specialist help you,” he says.

Have your records sorted out

Guaranteeing your documentation is A-grade – and in any event, connecting a photograph of yourself and your co-candidates – will go far to helping you win the day.

“Ensure you get your desk work right, so we’re not continually expecting to ring you about filling something in or explaining either,” Taylor says.

“We must pick one of 10 or 15 applications, and now and again it finds a good pace or 25, so if your administrative work is sorted out and prepared, and you have a photograph that takes moment acknowledgment and association back to the review, straight away you’re in front of the pack.”

Give yourself a point of contrast

As a landowner, renting your home out basically implies welcoming an alien to live in their property.

Be that as it may, Taylor says forthcoming inhabitants can separate those boundaries by remembering additional data for their application.

“It’s practically similar to doing a little introduction,” he says.

“Reveal to us somewhat about yourself and your accomplice. They’re the inquiries our customer has to know and needs to know and will ask us. Is it just yourself, would you say you are and your accomplice working around or anywhere, or at the medical clinic up the street? Whatever the circumstance is, it assists with offering yourself to us and subsequently our customer. It’s everything about the deal when renting apartment in district 2

Make your references secure the arrangement

Taylor says going the additional mile and giving references that go past simply posting your previous proprietors could swing things in support of you.

“Surely we’ll affirm work. In any case, character or individual references help also,” he says.

“Individuals believe they’re somewhat downplayed, however we’re enthusiastic about that, to realize that yes you may have the option to pay the rent, yet in case you’re a troublemaker we would prefer not to know you, and we can get that sign from a character reference.”

Money ought to be a final retreat

The act of occupants offering additional installments to verify a rental has been generally detailed, yet Taylor says a superior by and large inhabitant will consistently win out.

“You could offer $100 more, yet be the most exceedingly terrible candidate, so we’ll stay away well.”

“You may just be there two or three months and you’ve cost the landowner more than the additional dollars you’re putting on the table. We’re more influenced by the bundle, for need of a superior word – the individual.”

Hotel Chardoney apartment for rent high floor apartment, area 108m2, including 3BRs 2WC, fully furnished. The apartment has a modern, square and open design, harmoniously arranged with elegant colors to be the key, giving you a comfortable and private rest space. The kitchen incorporates a smart dining room, the kitchen is adjacent but still separate, ensuring comfort and good smell, the indoor air is not possessed by the smell of food. The rooms are fitted with light-oriented glass effectively, giving the view a wide view of the bustling city. If you are looking for a safe place for your small family, this apartment is the right choice.

bright space apartment
1058 bright space apartment

Chardoney Hotel is an luxury apartment project owned by Abergo Investment, located on Ben Van Don street, less than 10 minutes from the center of District 1, and inherits a cool atmosphere from Ben Canal. Think Not only that, Chardoney Hotel residents also have access to all existing high-class facilities: commercial, gym, swimming pool, sport area, amusement park, BBQ area, hanging garden, park. ..

Spacious, airy living room with large balcony to help you enjoy the panoramic view of Saigon city at night. The seating area is decorated with a soft sofa set and a beautiful, delicate oval glass black tea table. In addition, the living room also has a high-class flat-screen TV for your entertainment needs. Connected with the living room space is the kitchen area is quite neatly arranged and clean and equipped with high-class cooking and preservation equipment such as oven, two-door refrigerator to keep food fresh delicious and negative cookers help limit fire and explosion risks.

1060 kitchen space apartment for rent
1060 kitchen space

Besides the comfort of two kitchen and living room areas, the bedroom should also be mentioned by the simple but smart design with elegant white wall cabinet system and multi-purpose beds with compartments Convenient clothes container. In addition, each bedroom has a large window system that welcomes light to keep the space open and comfortable.


2 bedroom apartment in Chardoney Hotel

Hotel Chardoney apartment for rent, low floor, area 76m2, including 2 bedrooms and 2 toilets – preeminent choice for large families. The apartment is designed square, smart room layout to take advantage of the maximum area, help apartments more spacious and spacious. In particular, the apartment has logia, balcony to welcome wind and natural light effectively. The apartment is fully furnished, tenants can move in immediately.


Chardoney Apartments has a utility system that has been focused by investors, in order to bring a modern and dynamic life with a full range of services: swimming pool, business center, cafe, gym, campus green landscape, fitness area for the elderly, …


From Chardonay apartments can quickly connect with major roads such as Nguyen Van Linh, Nguyen Thi Thap, Le Van Luong, Tran Xuan Soan, Ton That Thuyet and the Kenh Te, Rach Bang and Him Lam bridges. Therefore, Chardoney residents can access many areas quickly and smoothly. Especially, going to the city center (Ben Thanh market, District 1) takes only 15 minutes with a distance of 4.2km.


The hotel is located in front of a pine forest next to a winter cross-country skiing track and a summer salmon reserve. We are 200 meters from the cable car to the slopes of the Alps ski.Possibility of excursions with snow and ski climbing trips. The starting point for Mont Avic’s natural park.

Chardoney 1 bedroom apartment for rent

Summer excursions with trekking mountain bikes.


Fully furnished 1 bedroom apartment, high quality furniture imported from Germany, each room is equipped with air conditioning. Apartment with modern style suitable for dynamic young families. To make a difference for the apartment, the homeowner has focused on decorating every corner of the house with modern beauty furniture. In addition to good lighting thanks to the window frames, the ceiling and wall lights are arranged throughout the room, making the apartment space more cozy and outstanding.


  • Cleaning service
  • Laundry
  • Swimming pool, yoga, Gym
  • BBq
  • Electricity, cable TV, Wifi


Studio serviced apartment

This rental apartment is located in Italy’s Asota, with cold air and snow all year round, here, visitors enjoy the cool cold air, and useful fun activities can be mentioned as: sliding Snow, take the cable car, free hot cafe

Room amenities

Abergo Chardoney Hotel‘s studio apartment for rent covers an area of ​​25 square meters, with a clear view of natural light. Luxurious interior, with fireplace, wood-lined floors bring a warm feeling to visitors

Room service:

  • Room cleaning
  • Towels and Besheet changing
  • Internet and Wifi
  • Pet friendly
  • Gym & Yoga
  • Cafe
  • Heat
Studio serviced apartment 1
Studio serviced apartment 1

With a rent of $ 40 a day, visitors can feel a great apartment for their stay, fully furnished, dedicated and attentive service. Come and use the service and tell us about your experience