It is not uncommon for expats who come to Hanoi, Vietnam to visit the area of Hoan Kiem district first. This place is not only the number one tourist attraction in this city but also a favorite destination for many foreigners to find accommodation. Thanks to the perfect combination of ancient beauty and the growing modernity, many expats have chosen this area as a residing place for their family and friends. So what are the advantages of living in Hoan Kiem district?

Modern living style in apartment for rent in Hoan Kiem

Hoan Kiem District is located in the center of the Capital, where you can see the convergence and crystallization of the cultural quintessence, historical traditions of Thang Long – Hanoi. Even though this is the smallest area regarding its size, this place is the political – administrative, commercial – service center of Hanoi, where frequent important political and cultural events of Hanoi happen. As a result, expats when living in Hoan Kiem can enjoy a life of modern living style.

Most of the apartments for rent in Hoan Kiem are located in busy roads, granting the opportunities for expats to travel to many famous place for foreigners. With the system of leading financial centers and banks concentrated in the District, Hoan Kiem has the potential to strongly develop financial and economic transactions. In the next 10 years, on the basis of the State’s renovation of financial and banking policies and the development of economic sectors, Hoan Kiem will become a major financial center of Hanoi. As a result, expats living here can work very closely to their home because there is an array of office buildings with many international and foreign firms.

With Dong Xuan Market being a large trade and service area, expats can benefit greatly from a hub of goods exchange of the North region. Hoan Kiem has become a major commercial center of Hanoi Capital.

French style apartment for rent in Hoan Kiem district

It can be said that Hoan Kiem Lake is a thousand-year historical evidence for the generations of development of Hanoi. It is very rare for such a traditional city to possess the French style apartment for rent. It can be said that the living space in this area is the perfect combination the East and the West, the modernity and the tradition, which is something really attracts expats.

When finding apartment for rent in Hoan Kiem district, expats will find the number of listings very diverse and overwhelming. To be more specific, there are one to three-bedroom apartments available in this place, making it very easier for expats to choose what they really like and what really suits their needs.

If you truly want to live in a French style apartment for rent in Hoan Kiem district, you should look for two-floor houses or property with more floors. French-style houses are very narrow, tubular from 4 meter or more, 8 meter wide, 15 to 40 meter long. All French-style apartments are with a facade of the first floor used as business or rental shops. All French houses in the Old Quarter Hoan Kiem are built very similarly with typical French architecture which combines harmoniously with Eastern architecture. This is very suitable for Vietnamese lifestyle.

Top-notch amenities of Hoan Kiem district

As an area with a fairly active real estate market, Hoan Kiem district has many high-end apartments for rent which are accompanied with many top-notch amenities. In addition to the completed projects, there are still apartment buildings and high-rise offices about to be constructed. Thanks to the central location, it is very convenient in terms of transportation for expats living in apartment for rent in Hoan Kiem. Hanoi Old Quarter and Noi Bai International Airport is just a few minutes away.

The vibrant nightlife also brings about many activities for expats, including bars, pubs and a plethora of local food stalls. With this being said, expats can really fit in with the traditional life of Vietnamese if they choose to live in Hoan Kiem.

Apartment for rent in Hoan Kiem is very famous among expats for the reasons of modern living style, high-class architecture and quality amenities.

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