Saigon, or Ho Chi Minh City, is one of the most humming urban communities in South East Asia with a wide scope of amusement from recorded exhibition halls, craftsmanship display to very good quality supermalls, from nearby road nourishment slows down to extravagant restaurants, that fulfill the pickiest eater. It is an open market furnish eaters with universal cooking styles, particularly when you are searching for a French one, here is a rundown of top 10 French restaurants well known among local people and expats.

1. Le Bordeaux – Binh Thanh Area

This restaurant is situated in Van Thanh zone, which is around 20 minutes drive from the downtown area (Region 1). Opened the mid-90s, Le Bordeaux is still among Vietnamese and expats top decisions with regards to French dishes. The most arranged dishes here are duck bosom and sautéed dodging with raspberries, or the cooked rack of sheep presented with garlic cream. A three-courses dinner at Le Bordeaux can find a workable pace.

2. THE Treatment facility SAIGON – Region 1

This restaurant situated in the very heart of Saigon, with a mindful embellishment of conventional French bistro style, improving the class and cozy feel. With a transcendently French menu combined with conventionally valued wine choices, including 17 Old and new world wines, a scope of mixed drinks, this is a decent spot to go through a night or simply hang out for a beverage or a light tidbit. While the nourishment never appears to get rave audits, it gets very occupied for lunch and supper. The value go fluctuates between $40 to $200.


On the off chance that you are searching for French eating in a spending limit, L’essentiel is the opportune spot for you. At L’essentiel, its cafes are furnished with an ideal bit of harmony and calm away from the lively markets and blaring bikes of the lanes. Try not to anticipate any glimmer, however a visit to Le Jardin French Bistro makes an ideal passage with tasty suppers and the light of a valid French inflection and best French restaurant in saigon

4. LA Manor FRENCH RESTAURANT – Region 2

La Manor French Restaurant is an ideal spot for France sweethearts whoever needs to dunk into legitimate and tasty French charge. A celestial menu is divine, a trolley of imported cheddar and broad French imported wine classes have settled on this spot an astonishing decision to go through a night. Exactly when you figure it can’t beat that, you’ll find their post-feast Cuban stogies. In the event that you need to feel the French cordiality, come and find a good pace French culinary experts, who will leave his kitchen to find a workable pace and ensure they’re fulfilled.

Le Bordeaux Restaurant

5. 48 BISTRO – Region 1

Over glasses of tasty red wine, you can appreciate culinary examinations, which are shockingly modest for gourmet nourishment. All that you pay for are a flawlessly calm night with the serenity of delicate lighting and vintage plans while getting a charge out of the scrumptiously prepared suppers at an unforeseen cost. At 48 Bistro, you will be presented with high-class French and Vietnamese cooking, as the proprietor gourmet specialist is the previous culinary specialist at New World Inn, a five-star lodging in Saigon. The French bistro is the place gastronomers can appreciate scrumptious and reasonable French nourishments.

6. 3G Trois Gourmands – Area 2

3G Trois Gourmands has opened for around 15 years, and still intrigue local people and expats for its best dinners and Another setting that has been open for some time, 3G Trois Gourmands has been dazzling rich local people and expats since its opening in 2004. The restaurant is a two-story frontier manor situated in Area 2. It shocks its clients with French-ist moderate stylistic theme, while there are indoor and outside eating areas that have a lot of tables ignoring the nursery and pool. The spotlight of the menu are sheep filets, lobster with margarine sauce, and duck bosom with orange sauce, so make a point to ruin your better half.

7. Cocotte – Area 1

Cocotte is a great French bistro concealed in a rear entryway (“fix”) that is a couple of steps from Ben Thanh Market. It is recently opened in 2017 however sufficient to intrigue local people eaters and remote ones. The stylistic layout is straightforward however no less beguiling and quiet like some other restaurants. On the off chance that your French limit is acceptable, attempt to flabbergast the staff by request from the menu board with every day specials. At Cocotte, you can fill your stomach with scrumptiously prepared dinners at around $10-15 for every individual. Strongly prescribed dishes, for example, the onion soup, duck confit, saucisses in lentil sauce, and the crème brûlée.