In the list of 5 star hotels in Italy’s Champorter, it is impossible not to mention Abirgo Chardoney Hotel. One of the addresses offers the most prestigious and quality accommodation that you can note for the upcoming Italian outing.

Apartment at the hotel

The Albirgo Chardoney Hotel currently has a total of 56 rooms divided into 2 main areas: Main Chardoney Tower and Grand Chardoney Tower. All rooms have a luxurious, spacious, modern design and overlooking the mountains, pool or natural panorama, providing a comfortable rest space.

Types of apartment for rent

Premier Deluxe 3 bedroom:

1058 bright space apartment
1058 bright space apartment

Rooms of this type are designed with a view overlooking the pool or the view of the mountains of snow from a luxurious armchair. Inside the room is fully equipped with facilities from 37-inch LCD screen, desk, Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed, marble bathroom from floor to ceiling.

Premier Studio 1 bedroom:

Studio serviced apartment 1
Studio serviced apartment 1

For those who want to enjoy a panoramic view of the magical mountain, Permier Studio is the ideal choice. Located in the main tower of the Albirgo Chardoney hotel and the spacious space promises to bring you the most memorable experiences.


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Services at apartment hotels:

Located on the 5th floor of the Albirgo Chardoney apartment hotel, one of the first luxury spa providers in Chardoney. The current Algirgo Day Spa includes 7 complete spa rooms with quiet space. There is also a VIP double room with hydraulic pool that gives you an extremely comfortable and relaxing feeling when you enjoy the service here.

With the system of 18 conference and banquet rooms accommodating up to 200 guests can meet all the needs of customers. The Chardoney Hotel Albirgo is the ideal place for couples to organize the most luxurious and romantic wedding party in their life.